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REGISTRATION at Daycare les premiers pas.

For parents wishing to book a place, you can do it now by completing the online registration, by calling 514-839-2494 or by sending an email to: leaving your name a phone number, your child's name , date of birth and the date desired.

Online registration form

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Conditions for admission


"Les premiers pas" Daycare will accept a child aged less than 5 years as of September 30th of the year in which admission is sought. We offer full-time daycare services (5 days per week).

Management of waiting lists


The priority sequence of the waiting list:

- A sibling of any child already attending the daycare (either full time or part time)

- Subsequently, the list operates on a first-come, first serve basis. 

- A request to be placed on the waiting list can only be accepted when made on behalf of children already born.
- The parent or guardian making the request must fill out and sign an application
- Once the groups have been made, during the August session, the waiting list will be updated frequently.
- In the event that a place becomes available for a new child to be admitted, the parents of the child on the waiting list will be contacted via phone or e-mail, subject to the aforementioned priority sequence.

Opening a file

Any child cannot be admitted into the daycare unless all the following documents have been submitted to the administration:
- Signed and dated registration form
- A record of the child’s medical file (signed and dated)—note that all questions must be answered to ensure the child’s safety
- Exact copies of the child’s original birth certificate (from the Quebec government if the child was born in Quebec; if not an equivalent certificate from the place of birth)
- Exact copies of the original birth certificate/passport/proof of residency of one parent or guardian
- A recent photo of the child (obligatory)
- A recent photo of the child with the parents or guardians who will be picking them up from the daycare (optional)
- Federal and provincial tax forms for daycare services (signed and dated)

Application procedure


When registering, we strongly advise parents to visit the daycare location with their child to become familiar with the area and the staff.
Upon registering their child, parents or guardians must complete the registration file and sign the necessary authorization forms.
The directions given in and contents of the child’s file are confidential. They will not be revealed or communicated to any person, in writing or verbally, who has not been given express authority by the child’s legal guardian or parent or who himself is not the legal guardian or parent (Article 22, loi sur les services de garde de l’enfance)
The parent is responsible for notifying the director of the daycare or another daycare manager of any changes in the child’s file (change of address, status, telephone, etc.)
If at any time the child is permanently removed from the daycare, his file will be handed over to his parent or guardian, as stipulated by the laws on daycare services (Article 98, règlements des CPE).
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